Steady Bats was born in 2021 as a collaboration between three men who shared a mission to bring quality baseball training to the youth of the Upper Keys.  Coming out of their first season as coaches of the Coral Shores High School baseball team in 2020, they knew the time was right to launch the program so players could have the opportunity to be developed and train in the offseason.  The highly experienced Team Steady Bat's coaching staff is led by Major League Baseball World Series champion and Olympic goal medal winner Doug Mientkiewicz, Coral Shores Varsity Baseball Head coach Joe Molinaro and the Coral Shores Junior Varsity Baseball Head coach Paul Vargo.



Steady Bats' core focus is on the long-term and holistic development of our individual players both on and off the field. We work to influence our players through active participation in a safe but physically and mentally demanding program. Success is measured not in wins or losses, but rather in each player’s ability to continue to elevate themselves to the next level, as players, as leaders, and as members of their communities. We expect five outcomes from every SB player: (1) continued improvement of their fundamental baseball skills (2) an increased ability to leave their comfort zones and invest in failure (3) a heightened sense of self-esteem through the feelings of hard work and accomplishment (4) Making new friends within our diverse community and (5) Having Fun! 

By focusing on these outcomes, we are able to accommodate a range of players no matter their level of play. Our student players include everyone from the casual player to the highly motivated and talented learner who dreams of an NCAA scholarship and beyond. 

The SB approach is in stark contrast to other baseball programs, which generally fall into two categories: (1) those that focus on winning at the expense of individual development and only include the most talented players or (2) those that focus on the individual development but do so in a less rigorous and demanding way that ultimately compromises individual development and a player's understanding of how hardwork translates to future success. Our goal is to offer a high quality program to youths and addresses their best interests as players and leaders in their communities.