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Rigorous, consistent, focused on fundamentals & physical fitness, our workouts – which we offer 2 days a week - are 1.5-2 hours in length, during which our players are continuously in motion, alternating between fundamental drills (e.g. throwing, bunting, baserunning) strength and conditioning exercises.  There is a simple but invaluable expectation that is communicated throughout these sessions: everyone does HIS/HER personal best at all times, tries to “out work” those around them, putting 100% physical and 100% mental energy into every drill and every game.
Rewarding the Right Behaviors. We applaud a swing a miss when done with the right technique, while downplaying the feeling of accomplishment when players succeed with the wrong form. We do push ups or run as a group when a single player reacts slowly to an instruction or talks when a coach is talking to teach accountability, respect for the game and to illustrate the groups dependency on each individual. We teach the importance of eye contact, clear and direct communication and honesty.

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